‘Phora poultry’ Launched in Turkey

ANC, a leading feed additive company of Turkey recently launched new mycotoxin control product with unique comprehensive formula; ‘Phora-poultry’ to the members of Turkish Poultry Industry in the provinces of Adana, Konya and İzmir. During the meetings, Indian Specialist Dr. Ali Asgar and Product Manager Irmak Sastır presented formulation, mode of action, scientific and field trials and superior characteristics of the product.


Multiple efficacy of Phora-poultry bring 360 degrees Mycotoxin control strategies. Mycotoxin Experts from five different countries came together and investigated feed and food storage techniques applied hundreds of years of history. Phora-poultry therefore developed by combination of these conventional and modern methods in order to fight against mycotoxins.


Phora guarantees total control of multiple mycotoxins in 360 degrees. It has five-step Mycotoxin Control Strategy;

-         Binds and inactivates mycotoxins

-         Inhibits biosynthesis of multiple mycotoxins

-         Detoxifies mycotoxins

-         Controls fungal development

-         Supports immune system and hepatic functions